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Patron Behavior Policy

The Winthrop Public Library & Museum encourages people of all ages to use its facilities and resources for research, reference, study, reading, recreation and/or browsing. Good public service requires that the library environment be open to all, but conducive to study, reading, and research. This necessitates the willingness of all library users to be considerate of the rights of others to work safely and enjoy the library undisturbed. To ensure that such an environment exists, the Library Board of Trustees has established guidelines for behavior within the library.

The following activities are inappropriate to the library setting.

• Failure to promptly comply with staff directives (whether documented policy or not).
• Smoking (Mass. General Laws Ch. 270, Sec 22).
• The use of e-cigarettes, or other electronic smoking device and/or chewing tobacco.
• Creating a disturbance by making noise, talking loudly, or engaging in other disruptive conduct (MGL, Ch. 272, Sec 41).
• Interfering with another person’s right to use the library or with the library staff’s performance of their duties.
• Threatening behavior including, but not limited to: violence, threats of violence, and possession of weapons.
• Bringing animals into the library except those needed to assist persons with disabilities (MGL, CH. 272, Sec. 98A). However, service animals must be well-behaved or they can be asked to leave.
• Using audio equipment so that others may hear it.
• Possessing, consuming, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
• Misusing the restrooms (e.g. using as a laundry or bathing facility).
• Soliciting or canvassing of any kind.
• Entering areas posted “Staff Only” without permission.
• Leaving a child under age 8 unattended in the library. Parents are ultimately responsible for the behavior and supervision of their children.
• Theft or destruction of library materials (MGH, CH 266, Sec 100).
• Use of false identification to obtain a library card, or use of another person’s library card without permission (MGL CH. 266, Sec 99).
• Running.
• Sleeping.
• Using or storing wheeled devices in the library including bicycles, self-propelled tricycles or scooters, skateboards, roller skates, rollerblades and four wheeled shopping carts. All of these devices must be left outside of the building.
• Dangerous, destructive or illegal conduct will not be tolerated.
In addition, the library does not accept responsibility for any lost or stolen items. Unattended items (such as bags, backpacks or laptops) may be regarded as suspicious and removed.
• All persons are required to wear shoes and shirts.
• All patrons must leave promptly at closing time.
• Library telephones may be used by patrons in the event of an emergency.
• Mobile devices such as cell phones, laptops or tablets should be muted or placed on vibrate while in the library. Patrons wishing to place calls or answer cell phones may use the foyers at either entrance to the building.

Finally, we strive to make our Children’s Room a welcoming and safe place for our youngest patrons. For this reason, the use of the Children’s Room and its resources (including public computers) is limited to children under 16 years of age and their accompanying parents/caregivers. Elementary, middle and high school students have priority in the use of public computers in the Children’s Room. Adults not accompanying a child, but who have need to access any Children’s Room resources should request assistance from a staff member before doing so. All other adults without children in-hand should feel free to use other areas of the library.

Failure to comply with one or more of the library’s policies may result in the suspension or revocation of library privileges.

Policy approved by the Library Board of Trustees, February 7, 2017